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Who we are

We're at the forefront of data-driven communications, with years of experience supporting one of the largest online publishers in Australia, ninemsn.

We offer our data expertise to deliver better online experiences for Australian businesses, driving sales performance.

What we do

Customer needs are fluid, and always changing.
We don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach.

We use data to deliver the best marketing outcomes for you. We help you serve timely, relevant, more personalised content and advertising to more of the right people.

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Tipstone Australia will work with you to
  • 1
    Increase awareness of your brand among a particular target audience.
  • 2
    Increase consideration and other brand health measures among a particular target audience.
  • 3
    Identify and communicate with prospective customers that are similar to your best customers.
  • 4
    Reduce drop-off and abandoned baskets.
  • 5
    Serve your customers relevant upsell and cross-sell messages driven by your own segmentation or next best action model.
  • 6
    "Save" your at-risk customers with targeted communications.
  • 7
    Increase Net Promoter Score and Lifetime Value across your customer base.


Our approach is designed with privacy in mind.

We are compliant with Australian privacy legislation. Personal or identifying information is always protected.

How we work

Data is a tool, not the goal.

We provide insights with our unique information that speak to specific challenges your business might be facing. We then work with you to implement more simple or complex content targeting solutions depending on your needs.

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We offer the following services
We offer the following services
  • Strategize and segment
    Working with you, we develop strategy based on new intelligence from us and your existing customer insights, and define segments to the required level of sophistication.
  • Create and deliver
    We develop the targeting approach and if needed, content, and then we activate the plan across multiple communication touch points.
  • Measure and optimise
    By continuously monitoring outcomes, we remain accountable to results and actively optimise target segments and the messages delivered.
Why us?

We recognise up to 70% of the Australian online population.

Our platform of rich and multi-layered data will help you achieve your data-driven goals and objectives.

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  • Demographic Data
    Demographic information on up to 70% of Australia's online population, allowing you to reach a significant cross-section of your target audience.
  • Offline Data
    Target your key segments online, the same way you do offline, with geodemographic and psychographic segmentations.
  • Nec Browsing Data
    Media preference and intent data that allows us to build bespoke dynamic segments for you to target.
  • Your Customer Data
    Improve efficiency and apply your own next best action models by fusing your data with ours.

Contact us
Whatever your individual needs, get in touch and let's talk about how we can help you.

T: +61 02 9383 6000
E: info@tipstone.com.au

Tipstone Australia, Level 6, 264 George St,
Sydney, NSW, 2000


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